If you’ve ever had long, beautiful hair, you probably remember the compliments that came with it every day. If you’ve never had it, you probably wanted it all along.

But aren’t we all just romanticizing the locks, like we do when we look at “The Birth of Venus” by Boticelli? After all, women today have much more important things to do than take care of something that looks pretty to them and might be comfortable.

So this time, we’re celebrating how fresh, unique, and definitely cool trimmed hair looks. Going from long hair to short hair is a big change, but these women don’t seem to be sorry about it at all. So scroll down and go through all pictures and do not forget to share with your friends

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Bored Panda talked to Dovile Osia, an experienced hair stylist and colorist in Vilnius, Lithuania, to learn more about haircuts and hear what an expert has to say about the ongoing debate between long and short hair.

Dovile told us that most people with long hair really like it and don’t want to cut it right away. “This is when we have to gently bring them back to reality and tell them what it’s like to have hair that hasn’t been cut in a long time and is brittle and fragile.”


The hairstylist said that beauty isn’t just about how long your hair is. “Even though these clients are trying to grow out their hair, I always tell them to get a trim every few weeks.”

Dovile also said that a good hairdresser should always consider what the client wants. “We talk until we find a middle ground if the look the client wants isn’t really possible.”

Dovile says that anyone can have short hair, but that it really depends on the shape of the head, hairline, face shape, hair type, and lifestyle.

Some haircut changes can really change your life. This is what happened to Dovile, who remembers the time she decided to cut her long hair. At the time, I wasn’t a hair stylist, but I realized that long hair wouldn’t give me that “wow” look.”

But when I cut it, everything changed. People would ask me how I could have been so brave, and they would praise me. My friends also told me that having short hair made me unique.




But just because short hair looks good on one person doesn’t mean it will look good on another. “Beauty is a matter of taste. I think that when you feel good, you look your best. “

Dovile said that razor cuts are the most popular style right now if you want to give yourself an edgy new look after the pandemic. “It could be anything from shag to a mullet. More traditional women, on the other hand, choose the bob and its many variations.

Dovile came to the conclusion that having pretty hair takes time and care, no matter how long it has been. If your hair is shorter, you’ll probably go to the salon more, and if it’s long, you’ll need to treat it at home with nourishing masks. “Don’t forget to give yourself some time.”