Birds are one of the most unique and, obviously, one of the cutest groups of animals. Incredible though it may be, the beauty of these animals never ceases to stun. Even if you aren’t a birding enthusiast just yet, there is at least one bird species that just might change your mind. Bearded Reedlings are easily identifiable due to their unique appearance, which sets them apart from all other species.

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Small Bearded Reedlings have lengthy tails. They fit in your palm at 16.5cm.

Image credits: Kev Chapman

They are easy to spot in nature because of how they look. Just look for a small, fluffy bird that looks like an egg and likes to rest by laying down on three branches.

Image credits: rado_vaclav

They are paler and lack mustache marks and black streaks beneath their tales. Males have lighter beaks.

Image credits: nickpix2008

This species has an extreme range which is decreasing but not at alarming rates.

These Adorably Round Bearded Reedling Birds Can Do Perfect Splits

Image credits: rado_vaclav

Males can be easily spotted for their gingerish-brown overall with bluish-grey heads.

While still very similar to males, females are a little bit different.