Have you ever thought about how many different ways love can be seen? Do animals like each other?

As an artist, TYH Tang Yau Hoong wondered how he could show how he felt without using words in his love drawings. Even though these web comics don’t have any dialogue, they show that love can be sweet, bitter, strange, funny, boring, and exciting.

He spends most of his time drawing and sketching cartoons. This is a side art project about people, animals, and things he cares about.

He has a lot of fun drawing these cute comics, and he hopes you do, too.

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Credit: bored panda Image credit:Tang Yau Hoong

#1 Reborn-Even if your heart is broken

#2 Location- Hi Jenn

#3 In Search Of-You meet someone when you least expect it

As he said  “I think love is one of those things that we always talk about and look for, but we might always forget about it. I hope that these comics will remind us all that love is everywhere and that we will feel loved if we appreciate the little things in life. There are, of course, some darkly funny comics about love, as we could all use a little bit of that in our boring lives. “

Because he wanted them to be as easy to understand as possible, he chose to make these comics with few or no words. He thinks that love is a language that everyone can understand.

#4 Where Is The Love-So close yet so far

Where Is The Love

#5 Just Do It-Anyone sees that 2 swooshes become love when placed together?

Just Do It

#6 Dinner-Little trick


“Light is like love. It gives us light and shows us the way home when we get lost. Since I was a child, I’ve loved to draw. As an artist, I find that making art is the best way to show what I think and feel. To keep my creativity flowing, I need to work on both business and personal projects. I love working on my own projects because I’m not limited by what my clients want. One of my personal projects that I started in 2019 is making comics. It’s where I could finally turn my strange and random ideas into these little drawings. “

#7 Surprise-Love birds

#8 Sunny Day-sunny love

Sunny Day

#9 Falling In Love- With you..

Falling In Love

#10 Love Is…

Love Is...

#11 How Much Do You Love Me-Love is In The Deep Ocean(not air)

How Much Do You Love Me

#12 Collection


#13 HealModern day


#14 Morning


#15 I Will Save YouI promise

I Will Save You

#16 Life Saver

Life Saver

#17 Love Actually-unexpected

Love Actually

#18 Me, Myself And I

Me, Myself And I

#19 MagicI am your magic


#20 InspirationNew Skill