If you’ve ever seen your dog do something strange, it probably made you laugh a lot. Each dog has its own personality and usually does crazy things that are, if you will, unique and individualistic. But if you’re having a bad day or just want to feel better, the /r/WhatsWrongWithYourDog page could be just what you need.

This page is just what you need to make your day better because it shows our favourite four-legged friends doing the craziest things and going completely crazy. We did all the hard work and found the best things on this funny page for you. So, scroll down to see a funny gallery of broken dogs that are too dumb for words.

#1 Clementine Says Hiyeeee

Image source: GATh33Gr8

#2 Baldur is. We Found Him Like This Yesterday. He Got His Food Bag Alone. He’s also banned from the couch.

Image source: qAstrov

#3 Mastering Yoga Since The Day He Was Born

Image source: generalinstructions

#4 Totally Normal Way To Sit On The Sofa

Image source: wobbie_g

#5 No Difference

#6 Just Walking Through A Door

Image source: AlecWaycaster

#7 After putting Odin to bed, I was making a snack when I heard a noise behind me.

Image source: Kaziticus

#8 I Wake Up To This Every Morning

Image source: MagnificentToad

#9 He Loves Oranges And Fruit In General

Image source: reddit.com

#10 All My Goods Are Always With Me

Image source: fat_old_boy

#11 Snax?

Image source: buttcrackinvader

#12 ???

Image source: Racingstripe

#13 No Homeworks, Only Daisy

Image source: TroLLageK

#14 He Insists On Sleeping In The Tub

Image source: BoneYardRuins

#15 Ace Is A Very Suspicious Of Many Things

Image source: 00-MKZ-00

#16 That’s My Car. That’s Not My Dog

Image source: firew0rks_

#17 Corgibalism

Image source: just-a-traveler

#18 My new rescue might need a few minutes to get used to his new creature comforts.

Image source: JuBreCaBra

#19 I Think My Dog Has A Secret Tindr Account

Image source: floppleshmirken

#20 This Adorably Derpy Smile From A Dog That Goes To “Daycare” With Mine

Image source: RevolutionaryHat4372

#21 A Very Dejected Boy. (Not Mine, Just A Picture From Facebook)

Image source: Underworld_Denizen

#22 Someone Always Needs To Be The Center Of Attention

Image source: a_pinch_of_sarcasm

23 No Thoughts Just Vibes… And A Flexible Nose

Image source: Jon_4

#24 They Were Like This For At Least 5 Mins….whatswrongwithyourdog(S)?

Image source: diabetic666

#25 I Know It’s Cold Outside, But This Isn’t The Answer, Betty

Image source: OCbrunetteesq

#26 Friday

Image source: fat_old_boy

#27  Such A Beautiful Derp

Such A Beautiful Derp


#28  An Efficient Killing Machine

An Efficient Killing Machine

Image source: perpetual__ghost

#29 My dog puts his nose under our arms at dinner so he can smell the food. He never tries to eat it; all he does is smell it.

My Dog Shoves His Nose Under Our Arms To Smell The Food At Dinner. He Never Tries To Eat It, Just A Sniff

Image source: slimgravy48source

#30  Snax?


image source:buttcrackinvader