“Wine Mums”: People Online Describe What They Think Is A Terrible Parent(20 Pics)


There isn’t a recipe for being a good parent, which is a shame. If there was, no one would be called terrible for how they raised their child. But since such a plan hasn’t been made yet, some parents might feel bad about how they raise their children.

A curious Redditor asked the “Ask Reddit” group members what screams “I’m a bad parent” to them. People were honest about what they thought were the biggest warning signs when it came to moms and dads. Even though they all had different ideas, they all had one thing in common: none of them were going to be seen as good examples of how to be a parent.



Getting your kid’s school principal fired for showing Michelangelo’s David to the class.


SuvenPan,Josh Willink

Not saying sorry to your kid when you are in the wrong or made a mistake.


arrastre,cottonbro studio

Recording your child trying to make fun of them just because “it’s funny” when it’s clear they’re unhappy, and then posting the video online.



Forcing your older kids to care for your smaller ones. This kind of behavior is called parentification. It’s a form of abuse/neglect, and sadly, it happens a lot.


LeonLunaLola,Sai De Silva

Trying to defend everything your child does or does not do without hearing the other person’s side. It’s normal and important to listen to your child, but you shouldn’t forget that your child can make mistakes and isn’t perfect.


Material_Ambition_95,Werner Pfennig

Talking s**t about your ex infront of your kid


bigchipsdip,Tanaphong Toochinda

People might hate me for this but obese kids


squeephish,August de Richelieu

Wine mums.

Those moms who go online and say they “need” wine to deal with their kids.

It’s not funny, it’s not cute, it’s s****y parenting.


Choosing romantic relationships over your child


BallKey7607,Anete Lusina

Parents who push their kids to follow their own dreams instead of just helping them be themselves


Osteo-Malaka-cia,Helena Lopes

When you use your kids as emotional support figures or use them to cover up your own lack of duty. You are 20 years older than your kid, but they are already more responsible and grown.


lapzab,Sebastián León Prado

The wish to be more like a friend to your child than a parent. Even though kids have many friends, they only have two parents.



Parents who talk trash about their kids in public and criticize them for acting like kids

even when they aren’t that bad and are just asking for a candy bar or something.



Not saying ‘no’ to your child.


LennaPine,Ketut Subiyanto

Trying to gossip with one of your children about the other one


Greedy_Buy_7229,Ala Ben Brahem

Neglecting your child’s needs and safety.


dumbass_shitposter,PNW Production

Criticizing your kids in public. Like, wait until you’re in your car or at home.


spicy-bae,Kindel Media

If their kids are older, and want nothing to do with them.


FragileStoner,cottonbro studio

Your kid is literally always grounded.


rob_080,Kelly Sikkema

Parents whose first and only reaction to a child acting out (or even just being a little noisy) is to shove an iPad or cell phone under their nose and then go back to ignoring them

Equally bad are parents who do nothing when their child is acting up and just let them run wild. I understand that sometimes a child needs to run around and get tired, but there has to be a middle ground between these two reactions.

I was going to add parents who give their kids stupid names or names that are spelled badly, but that’s not necessarily bad parenting, just bad taste. Still, if the kid will be picked on as an adult, it’s not a good thing.